Rites of Passage

Becoming a woman happens in the body at its appointed time.  Flat chests expand into rounds and peaks.  Thighs fill out, hips widen.  Her moon cycle begins, flooding the body with natural hormonal tides.

Coming home to my family for Thanksgiving reminds me how far removed I am from the traditional rites of passage that accompanied my wise African ancestors on their walks into womanhood.  Even though I’m many years past awkward adolescence, I still crave the ceremonies, dances and rhythms that focus intention on bringing the individual and community into spiritual alignment with these body-rocking physical changes.  

I am blessed to have a family as lovingly obsessed with fresh, healthy food as I am!  My 72 year old father, Jesse, put us all on to living foods and his enzyme-rich smoothies more than two decades ago.  Now wheatgrass is as common as sliced bread in the Key family fridge.  Try the Key Family Longevity Smoothie recipe below.

However, as a sweet friend once reminded me, “Katie, you wouldn’t go to a hardware store to buy ice cream.”  To embrace the fullness of being a woman as I age, I have to reach outside of my dear family for a lifeline.   We simply haven’t been able to hold on to the keys of spiritual health which were as dear to our ancestors’ survival as fresh water.

Over the next few weeks I’m exploring the Alchemy of Sex and Spirit, a community journey led by Zahava of Love Making Dances.  This grounding course combines ancient rhythms, movement practice, and deep journaling to connect with erotic energy and the power of embodying feminine spirit at this time.   My blood pulses and breath flows, keeping time as my body remembers the dances and the songs that nourish the breasts, ovaries and womb.   


Key Family Longevity Smoothie:

4 leaves kale

1/4 pineapple, chopped

1 cup wild blueberries

2 bananas, chopped

Enough Rejuvelac to blend

Our favorite drink for anytime at all!

Pineapple is a natural source of digestive enzymes.  The rich potassium in the bananas is great for regulating blood pressure.  Blueberries are bursting with antioxidants and are known to improve memory.   And there’s no doubt that kale is one of the most powerful vegetables on the planet, blessing us with lots of vitamins A, C, and K not to mention minerals.

Rejuvelac, or as we in the Key clan lovingly call it, “that juvey junk,” is a fermented beverage similar in its purpose to Kombucha.  It’s without a doubt the single most important living food I’ve ever experienced next to green-grass juices.  Developed by Dr. Ann Wigmore, Rejulevac provides the body with dense living nutrition and probiotics.  This healthy tonic is incredibly simple and inexpensive to make, requiring only a large glass jar, filtered water, and a handful of wheat, barley, kamut or other grain seeds of your choice.  You can learn how to make Rejuvelac here.

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Katie Key is a chef who creates food to uplift and satisfy body and spirit. She has cultivated a profound relationship with food through farming, professional experience in various restaurants, and in sitting at the kitchen table with her beloved grandmothers. Katie is the founder and chef of Sweet Mama’s and a personal chef with a focus on pre and post-natal nutrition. Learn more about Katie's delicious food and holistic services, by visiting her website: sweetmamasrawkitchen.com.

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